Vuka Drumline visit

16th March 2010


‘The power of music is undeniable; the youth of today spend copious hours sourcing, sharing and enjoying music in one form or another. The capacity to actually make music is most sought after and there is an inherent rhythmic ability in every child. VUKA DRUMLINE harnesses this ability and, through structured sessions, provides learners with a platform for creative expression through music while promoting discipline, teamwork and inventiveness. Exercising both gross and fine motor skills, it requires no previous music instruction – just an interest in making music and having fun. The methodology has been fine tuned over years of experience to ensure immediate rewards for participation. VUKA DRUMLINE is a project of the Steel Drum Foundation. For more information or to arrange a demo at your school, contact Alasdair Muir on 082 891 9198 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alasdair Muir intends obtaining funds to pilot this program at Slangspruit Primary School. This will be an outstanding opportunity for many underprivileged and vulnerable children. The children were beside themselves with excitement as this performance was a total surprise! As you can see there is no school hall so were lucky the sun chose to shine; in so many ways!